Last Of The Bitcoin Postings

This will be my last posting on any Cryptos as I will delete and kill it off later this year. All my efforts will be switching more to the gold market, as that is now constantly tested with real money.  There are no established cycles in Bitcoin, like there is in gold. I can’t make a living trading such a boring market and I never plan on doing anything in this market anyways. Basing a life on a little electronic packet is not my idea of a stable platform. Gold may crash and burn regularly but long term it will never disappear and will always have a $400 crash base even until Submillennium wave 3, in 2101 peaks out again. Between that time, there still will be two cycle peaks to go even in deflation.

I have token Bitcoins that I gave to the local beggar and tips in restaurants, and to family as a gift!


I find my Silver Stone far more fun as it is one big 10 ounce coin of pure silver!  I use it to bet between friends. This coin had a $238 CAD price yesterday, so there is value in this coin where owners will not throw it away. I hope to buy more when silver crashes into this fall. So if your bored with Bitcoin then the gold market will provide all the excitement you will ever want.

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