Updated February 21, 2017

This page will only contain templates which will have no numbers or letters. They  can be used for any degree level. All templates I will put up should never have any 5 wave sequences as being perfectly even, like they show us in the EWP book. The majority of wave analysts, draw mostly even waves. I have never seen a perfect, even impulse in 20 years of wave counting, and searching back well over 200-300 years of chart history.


Five wave bull market


When we start at the top left side and put up a big fat “B” wave in Primary degree, then we can build or draw out with what has to follow.  From a single expanded flat top we need 5 waves down in Intermediate degree.  This would terminate at a “C” wave bottom in Primary degree, and would also be finishing the 4th wave in Cycle degree.

Once this “C” wave has completely played out, then following this decline, we should see a rocking bull market, that can take many years to play out. I call that bull market the Roaring 2020’s. My best estimate is about a 5-8 year bull market. This pattern will be for the general stock lists like the SP500, DJIA.  At this time it is not confirmed that any “B” wave top has completed, because since mid 2015 and 2016, the markets have rolled over with a very flat looking top. 


This is a zigzag decline followed by a 5 wave bull market, which contains the classic extended wave 3.  The leading 5 and the trailing 5 waves of any zigzag always alternate in physical size and pattern, and can contain diagonal waves most of the time. 


           Single Impulse with an extended wave 3.

Still an impulse type wave, with an extended wave 3, but for a declining bear market.


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