Hui Price Spike Anomaly!


When I looked at HUI in the last few days I saw that the chart contained a price spike topping out at about 8728. It’s a screen clip and you can call it a sick joke if you like. Anomalies like this can and do happen in ETFs, stocks, and futures.

Since this spike lasted over the weekend this spike may not disappear. Algorithms running amok or just a temporary glitch?

If it stays it renders the HUI useless for counting waves. Readers using other software sites may never see this spike but it was such a  ridiculous of a move I had to post it, if not just for entertainment purposes.

When we spot an anomaly like this, just check other related assets like GDX or GDXJ to see if they also spiked. They didn’t so that helped to confirm that this HUI spike is just an illusion and should be ignored.

I have about 9 settings I can use and this price anomaly only shows on a few.

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