HDGE The Opposite Of Stock Mania



HDGE has started to crack below the $9 price level, but the lower it goes, it could be setting up for an inverse stock split. Inverse stock splits seem to happen when we get closer to the magic $5 price level. There is never any guarantee that HDGE will get that far, but it is something we should be aware of.  In a last panic to get into stocks, this HDGE has been crashing.  How far will it fall, as it sure can’t go to zero? I’m sure contrarians have been buyers, as the majority are selling. The last people that may be buying this are the wave counters, as they are scared of losing money trying to catch a falling knife. 

At present we are coming to an end of a small 5 wave sequence, and after every 5 waves we get an alternate move.  Contrarians would be buying with a “ladder” of GTC orders, which is a foreign concept to most wave traders and the majority of traders and investors. 

I keep many gold ratios, but I thought I would take at least one calculation and record it in my little book. I would have to do some back testing,  to find a good extreme expensive Gold/Hedge ratio.

The Gold/Hedge ratio today is at 129:1 which means I can buy 129 shares with one US dollar priced, gold Troy Ounce. This would give us a reading that HDGE is extremely cheap when we use gold as money. 

I have to be bearish on stocks, until after this HDGE has cranked up again.  

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