“Gold On A Run” Intraday Bullish Action Update.

So far our December, 12th bottom is still holding which is a good thing. Any price move can mean nothing in the bigger scope of things, if we don’t understand the type of pattern that has ended. Recently, many analysts have been bashing gold, as the majority have been selling and running away from the gold markets. Dumping gold and running to Bitcoin or stocks will backfire like it has happened many times before. Calling Bitcoin the new Gold 2.0 is a silly brainwashing tool. Gold, has been around for thousands of years while Bitcoin is only 7 years old. The antics of the herd will never change when emotions take over.

Gold is the “Real” money, as we can exchange into any other currency when we need to. Gold retains its value over time as well. Sure, it swings widely in price, but that just shows how much the price can be compressed into one ounce of gold. Back in 1999 gold had an extreme low price of $253 an ounce, and the majority of all experts hated gold at that time.  Then 11 years later gold’s price had exploded to about $1919, a 758% gain. The hype to own gold in our investment portfolio at the peak was the strongest, yet they didn’t give a shit about owning gold in 1999, when they were calling it the “Ancient relic of the past”.

Recently the fund managers have been throwing gold away (selling), not knowing how much the gold ounce can compress in price.

Chasing a bull market is sheer greed and fear, plus it wrecks havoc with your cost averaging ratio. Any gold bull market is not over until the US dollar starts on a new and very bullish path, which must break 2016 highs. Well, maybe the US dollar implodes to new record lows instead,  like it did from the 2001 peak.

It’s always good to own gold bullion, but only when you buy it when it’s pointing down.

When investors start to see that the Nasdaq and Cryptos are starting to head down, and gold is heading up, what do you think the emotional investors’ reactions will be?

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