Gold Intraday Bottom Update

Gold hits a bottom at the $1237 price level, and has now started to charge back up. I use the smallest three degree levels to start with, but over time will adjust as each degree level starts to materialize.  In this case I would need 5 waves up in Minute degree, so I make a rough calculation in what I think I may need. For now we have come off a wave 2 in Minor degree, but this may also get changed. The big thing to remember is that gold is in a bigger bull market than what we can imagine at this time. No, gold is not going to $5000 $10,000 this trip! Gold is very cyclical 

Nobody has the patience anymore, to play these bull/bear cycles, but when gold goes vertical like a Bitcoin, then you will see investors jumping on the gold band wagon.  They just love to buy high in a cycle and the contrarians love to sell to them.  The gold bullish cycle could last a lot longer than I originally was thinking, but if 80% or more of my indicators show up earlier than expected, then we have to have a serious second look. 

Gold is a hedge for inflation, so when we forecast the price of gold to go up, we will see inflation numbers rise as well. To make gold work as an inflation hedge you have to buy gold “before” it starts on a bull market, not after everybody has already jumped in. 

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