GDX Special

I have lots to post and I will create some special postings about the discpline and strict rules and guidelines I use to apply wave postions. Anything goes is not an option as I run a strict attidude that borders on dicatorship.  Confidence only comes when a wave count is running and it’s a “Hot wave position”, then it’s critical that I push everyhing to see maximum return for every long and short bet we will be making.

When a wave count is hot we better take advantage of it as this wild gold market may take until 2041 to come back again. By that time I will be having coffee with RN.Elliott and we can discuss the sad state of affairs in the Elliott wave world of today. I will add more to this pages as I will try and cover everyhing to be prepared for the bottom when it comes.  Modern day wave counters have butchard and destroyed the entire wave principle, to where it is impossiable to make a small living using their wave counts. Yes I have to make a living with my wave counts and I will not allow the wave counting swarm of rats to contaminate my wave postions.

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