Fun With The Fibonacci Sequence And Keno

I started playing Keno more frequently back in 2006 and was having no real luck at all. I got chicken feed at best. This was unacceptable, How can I make a living with chicken feed for a reword!  The Fibonacci sequence was already in my head but I got a flash of brilliance and said, “Why not use the Fibonacci sequence in Keno”? You have to go 55  and backward so you end up with 8 numbers instead of the 7 numbers I show below.

The very first time I applied many Fib numbers to a ticket, the very first time I tried it, I won $50 CAD. The most I ever won in Keno and it was the Fibonacci sequence that paid out for me! It was a Shamrock Green day, that day. Wow! some extra cash flowed into my “hance”. On average that time my Fib sequences paid out more consistently than any other numbers I tried.

In the summer of 2010, and 8 number wind came in when “ALL” of my fibs came in an I won my first $10,000 ever playing Keno.

These are just a few of the examples but my $10,000 winning ticket not included. It’s been posted as it might be floating around the Internet for years.

Since the fib sequence went dead I decided I needed another set of numbers outside the fib sequence. I looked for 3 numbers to show up more frequently together and then searched 100s of old games to see what other pairs showed more frequently. I  found out many games were won around this sequence to where it was not normal to see so many winning tickets cluster around a set of numbers, so I started to use 8 numbers, and you can see those 8 numbers above.

To my amazement and surprise, all 8 numbers in the above sequence came in and I won $15,000 CAD. I pay some debt, blew some money and then dumped about $12,000 into my CAD trading account. By the end of this year that $15,00o CAD could turn into $15,000 USD which I use as my trading stake.  I had good winnings with these 8 numbers and in May 2017 I won another $500 twice in one month. Needless to say, I was pumped. Well, all numbers run dead, but I still play these numbers today at the end of the week.

This is just a bit of cheap fun in playing the odds, as these two sets of numbers don’t work on Lotto Max. I could use a small $30,000,000 trading account, can’t you?

I have converted over to US funds as in deflation, the USD is the one left standing!

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