E-Mini DOW 30 Intraday Decline Review

Just before I worked on this chart, I looked at the DJIA from a weekly chart perspective. We would need a magnifying glass to see any movement at all. The 3 degrees I am starting with, is still not small enough as I have used up Micro, Submicro and Miniscule degree levels. I would have to dip into my extra 3 custom degree levels to keep going. 

This is not a big deal, as degree levels can be adjusted when we progress for another few more weeks. The markets are now soaring as I post, so it will be critical for this rally to stop, and then reverse. When the markets constantly produce, lower highs, with lower lows as well, then this is a good sign that the markets are over on a bigger bearish side already. 

Violent swings in both directions, end up attacking bulls and bears alike, as they both get into mini traps. I included Cycle degree wave 3 for the big top, but it’s not glued down just yet. Everybody that has been reading my work for any length of time, knows what the three choices are. 

In the beginning very few people know that a bear market is even coming, as we would have to hit a 20% correction before the herd of analysts will declare it a bear market.  This is still over 4000 DOW points away, which would retrace the entire Trump rally. 

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