DJIA Record Intraday Bull Trap Update

For the last little while I have been counting the patterns between my trend lines as an ending diagonal, many waves critically overlap, during this 5th wave so an impulse wave count is out of the question. On weekly and monthly charts the 4th wave bottom produced a massive single spike. Most ignore this fact as the expert wave analysts keep adjusting the markets, introducing higher and higher degree levels, when in fact it’s doing the exact opposite. One wave count I saw had the 2015 4th wave as wave 1-2 in Cycle degree.  Another had the 2009 bottom as a SC degree wave 2! What a pile of crap.

Above, the wave count is one degree shy of hitting rock bottom as the 4th wave extended dramatically. I have never counted a more vertical 5th wave move than any other 5th wave. These spikes do not end well, yet money flows have been heading into the markets this spring.

Investors love to buy high and then sell out at a panic low, so investors have learned little in the last 18 years. With the top of 26,684 at this time, this gave the entire bull market a 410% gain 2009-2018.  Getting in “after” 400% gains has already happened is a crazy idea from a contrarian perspective, and I’m sure the contrarians  will agree.  Smart money is building cash positions so they have lots of dry powder once this stock market crash gets seriously over-sold.  That won’t happen, until the majority hate stocks again, so we still have a wild ride ahead of us.

The Gold/DJIA Ratio has not changed much as it takes 19.9 gold ounces to buy one unit of the DJIA. It only took 8 ounces of gold to buy the DJIA at the 2009 bottom, so we’ve had a massive shift since then.

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