DJIA Intraday New Record Top Review

This world has many price bubbles in it, far too many to name from memory. From my perspective, I can name a dozen or so, but that’s about it. In the impending bull market bust, many of these bubbles will pop together, including all those most popular Cryptos coming out. I watched a video of Peter Schiff, and he says there are close to 1000 digital currencies coming out. 

I’m sure Bitcoin and the DJIA will crash together in the next few years, so be smart and stay away from this Crypto madness. 

This market refuses to go down, which could mean it will last into 2018.  I’m sure year end profit taking can still happen, but even then the DJIA has to dip very low, so it can no longer come back this year. 

Somewhere I have to find a home for my Cycle degree wave 3, that will last forever, and never be dethroned!  The impending bear market is not SC degree nor is it anywhere near GSC degree, as these two degree levels have “NEVER” been confirmed by anyone! 

At a very bare minimum, since the 2000 peak, we should have had 5 waves down in Intermediate degree, yet in the last 17 years not a single set of 5 waves has developed, except for the Nasdaq, which  is questionable.  GSC degree needs at least 1, 5 wave run in Primary degree,  yet they have never materialized as well. To put it bluntly, it’s impossible for any SC and GSC degree world to exist, until “all” Cycle degree peaks are found first.  

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