December, 1, 2017 US Dollar Bear Market Rally Update

It’s a new month and I looked at this pattern from a diagonal perspective. That mid month bearish rally fits well as just another “B” wave, followed by a set of little waves to the November 27th bottom.   Since the US dollar can still be in a potential 4th wave rally, we may see the US dollars still thrash around, before another leg down develops. 

Many analysts do not track the US dollar as closely as we do with the stock markets, so we can get blindsided when the USD makes a crazy bullish move.   Is the US dollar slumping because of Bitcoin, we really don’t know, but I’m sure when the new Fedcoin comes out, the US dollar will play a huge role in it.  Any new Fedcoin will send Bitcoin into the digital graveyard, as it is not wise to think that the US government will allow you to make millions trading Bitcoins without paying any capital gains tax. 

For now this bullish US dollar rally has to end adding on another leg to the downside. Every rally with the US dollar can be interpreted, as the lift off to the continuation of the US dollar bull market. That’s not going to happen until the US dollar shows us, that a clear 3 waves crash has occurred, and the news is predominantly bearish.

All I have,  is 5 wave sequences during the entire 2017 decline, with any 5th wave producing overlapping wave structures.  At this time any “D” wave in Primary degree is still valid for the 2017 top. This means that the US dollar can eventually crash below the 70 price level and that 2008 low.  

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