Cycle Degree Wave V


The Euro travels inversely to the US dollar but also contains very choppy wave patterns. The entire Submillennium degree is all diagonal in nature, so we can’t run and hide from them as diagonal wave structures will always pop up and give us a hard time.  Once we match up the 2008 peak to the US dollar and crude oil, we can locate the Cycle degree base.  Since the 2008 peak, the Euro has been in a bear market that looks like it has recently resumed heading south. All commodities seemed to be in Cycle degree zigzag corrective patterns. They are all in various stages and at times they start to synchronize with an Intermediate degree wave 3-4-5.  I’m working on a list of about 30 Cycle degree wave 3-4-5s, so there could be just as many Intermediate degree wave 3-4-5s that I also have to confirm. Experts are convinced the Euro will soar as the US Dollar crashes but the market refuses to play along.  Eventually, all Cycle degree 4th waves that have completed will be posted on this page, but if these wave counts go awry then they will get pulled.

It may be pretty dead in this page for a while, but later by 2021 many more Cycle degree 4th wave bottoms will join these lonely 3 charts. This morning the Euro slumped to a newer low, while crude oil also spiked to the downside. This just goes to show that the US dollar, Oil, and the Euro are linked extremely well.

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