Cycle Degree Wave V

This is just a quick text intro to what I plan on doing with this page called “Cycle Degree Wave V”.  In the next 3-4 years, I will post all my wave counts where all Cycle degree wave 4’s come to die!  I have two in mind already and will post each on a separate page in the future. The long-term goal will be about thirty, which is close to the 28 Cycle degree wave 3 peaks that have presently already ended or are about to end in the near future.

Each 4th wave bottom in Cycle degree will produce 5 waves up in Primary degree, which will be one of the greatest setups for a massive bull market to come down the pike since the 2008-2009 bottom. (Think, The Roaring 2020’s)  I will describe all the expected 5 wave sequences in detail before they happen, which is very important to do, so we can spot very early when we are wrong. To take advantage of any move we must plan well in advance because any wave 2 bottom in Primary degree will involve “Catching a falling Knife”. Others that have not arrived yet, you will know well in advance with my regular postings.

All wave 1-2, 1-2, 1-2 base, wave counting methods will apply once we know that a diagonal 5th wave is not going to happen. KOL will be the first as I think wave 2 in Primary degree is already in progress.  This is the page to look into, in the next couple of years, as once Cycle degree wave 5 completes it must be “Capped” with a one higher degree position. This “Cap” will be Supercycle degree wave 3. Exciting stuff to say the least!

I have a list of about 28 Cycle degree wave 3 peaks already, with some of them at the “iffy” stages, so the list could vary up or down a bit.

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