Comment On The Solar Eclipse on August, 21, 2017

National parks brace for eclipse crowds – MarketWatch

A very smart reader has made me aware that on August, 21, 2017 we will experience a solar eclipse across many parts of the USA. Other market analysts are also talking about this date, but the new moon also falls on that date. We know that new moon dates can be very bearish for stocks. Options expiration dates can also hit close to the 21st so we could be hit with triple turning dates at the same time.

If something major does happen, we will never know which one of the three indicators will be the main cause. My bet is that the solar eclipse will be shorter in duration than the new moon will have, so the new moon would impact the markets more than the solar eclipse will. In the end, we will never know if and when it happens which one will make the biggest impact.

 Many think it’s silly to think that celestial bodies have influence on earth, but all my research says that they do. Jupiter has a 11.8 year orbital cycle and Saturn has a 30 year cycle. Jupiter fits very well with the 11 year solar cycle average and the 30 year cycle is just part of the WD Gann 60 year cycle. 

What the solar eclipse on Aug. 21 will mean for stocks – MarketWatch

Mark Hulbert talks about the solar eclipse and the markets as well. 

I use a 100 year time span, which means I go back to 1917 and look forward 100 years. 100 year cycles include 4 generational cycles or seasons. In 100 years, many cycles of inflation or deflation can repeat. The majority can never think in 100 year time spans as group think doesn’t have any memory! Emotions can’t be stored no matter how big of a USB drive the group thinkers have. 

When GSC degree bears can call for a 600 year bear market, then looking 100- 200 years ahead is the minimum we must be able to do, to compete or confirm such wild claims. 

We have been brainwashed to believe that the industrial age created by man, is causing global warming. If this is true, then climate change produces the Elliott waves we see in the markets.

 I’m a firm believer in natural cycles as nothing in our universe travels in a straight line forever, even light can bend or be redirected.  

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