PLAT: Platinum Stock Index Mega Crash Review


PlAT is just an index of  Platinum related stocks and it seemed to have peaked in 2007 and then followed all other indices down as well. There is no way I can put a wave count to this, but we could be at the point where Cycle degree wave 4 has already bottomed. We may still be in a fake rally but longer term I’m very bullish. Was the crash a human-caused crash, or just another flash crash?

This is a chart with weekly settings and the crash shows up as a single drop. Platinum is the third highest traded metal after gold and silver, but the media does little to report on platinum.

I only wanted to post this ugly looking crash once, but I will post a little more with the ETF that tracks platinum as a metal. (PPLT)

When we take this same chart and switch it to a monthly setting, then that solid line you see disappears and we are left with a massive gap!

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