The Warren Buffet Indicator: Pain Awaits For Investors!


I think this MarketWatch post says it all! Combine that with the Death Crosses on just about every asset class, and we have the set-up for a serious crash going into the fall.

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BRK.A Berkshire Hathaway Inc Cycle Degree Peak 2007-2018 Review


If Warren Buffet keeps buying blue chip stocks then I would say he just about owns the DJIA with all his holdings. He bought into many stocks at record highs, with Apple being one of the biggest buys at record highs. Invest with the herd and you die by the herd, so I fully expect BRK.A to crash right along with all other indices around the world. The world is going into a major deflationary crash, which even Warren Buffet is powerless to stop. It will not surprise me to eventually see BRK below the $100,000 price level.

That is only the middle of the previous 4th wave of one lesser degree as sometimes they push even lower, like the markets did in the 2009 bottom. Only the rich can play this game as the rich own 80% of the markets. Real Estate prices around the world are crashing already, as the rich can no longer afford to hang on to investment properties where prices  are falling faster than leaves of a maple tree in the fall!  Top smart money mangers have already sent letters to thier clients warning them. My friends and family members will watch it on the 6’oclock news this fall.

It is the world fertility crash that is going to completley change this world to a deflationary world. Our dying boomer generation are permanent sellers of real estate and they may even have several or more empty homes to get rid off.  For those than can wait 3 years or so, they will see a different stock, gold and housing landscape, from anything imaginable today.

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Berkshire Hathaway 2009-2017 Review

Since the 2009 bottom Berkshire Hathaway Inc has created what looks like a decent impulse, with some diagonal patterns thrown in to confuse us. BRK.  From the 2015 peak down to the 2016, $190,000 price levels, BRK has followed,  the stock markets very well.  I believe a  correction is coming and it may be bigger than most expect. 

I mean a correction that is big and long enough that can be followed by another 8 year bull market. If BRK gives us a zigzag or a flat correction is irrelevant, but I favor the flat at this time. BRK.A shares peaked at $285,950 for one single share. Since the 2016 bottom BRK.A gained about 150% in less than 2 years. 

The expensive Gold/BRK ratio reached about 221:1 and today it is sitting at 213:1. From my perspective, Berkshire is very expensive when we compare it to gold, so eventually this ratio should start to expand in the next 2-3 years.  Nobody knows how deep any correction has to go before BRK is ready to reverse back into another huge bull cycle. 

Are we at a Cycle degree top or a SC degree top? I favor the Cycle degree wave 3 top, and markets can fall all the way back down to the previous 4th wave of one lesser degree, which in this case is $70,000. Sometimes markets, even go under this previous 4th wave of one lesser degree, and the experts have forecast a DJIA 5000 price level to do just that. Warren Buffet just about owns the DOW,  so why should Berkshire behave any differently and keep soaring?

Just to get anywhere near the previous 4th wave of one lesser degree, Berkshire needs to go below $150,000, with $100,000 being more realistic. 

At the very least, BRK should retrace all of the 2016 and 2017 gains, after which we may see a pattern start to emerge that we can recognize.

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Berkshire Hathaway Inc. BRK.A Who Are These Smart Investors that Love To Buy High?



It looks like BRK.A has topped out a bit over $250,000 per share.   With only about 117 shares traded, this sure puts Bekshire share holders into an elite club.  When we go to that December high and ask what he was thinking when he bought a single share of this stock?  He has been brainwashed by Buffet to hold for a long time, but how does he feel once $10,000 has already gone up in smoke?

This stock holder is going to feel a lot worse once this stock price hits $200,000 or lower.  Last month it took well over 221 ounces of gold just to buy one share of BRK.A. I would have to check back to see how cheap BRK.A was when it was at a bottom in 2009 to make a fair comparison.  

I believe that a Cycle degree wave III could have completed, and if that is the case, the previous 4th wave I show, will definitely not offer Cycle degree bottom support. It may take until Berkshire Hathaway falls to $110,000 for a bear market bottom to manifest itself.  

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