VOO: Another SP500 ETF

I may post this VOO ETF more frequently. It also has a very clean pattern to it at this time. Readers may not agree with any expanded top and wave analysts certainly do not agree as I have not seen a single wave analysts see 2018 as an expanded top. They happen frequently as  I might working 5-8 asset classes that had expended wave three type tops.  The real top was in January as the markets went vertical.

My 5 wave decline is still valid but the 5 waves in Minute degree is not finished just yet.  The big rally is a fake or just a bear market rally and we will get proof of this when VOO creates a new record low. That may happen in the spring.  Any 5 waves in the “C” wave location can produce 5 waves where the 5th wave can expand, or do the opposite and become very short.  Any triangle I would expect in wave 4 in Minor degree as it would also force this wave count to end one degree higher. Since there is an Intermediate degree in progress our next major bottom must be a Primary degree position. (Primary degree wave “A”)  It will certainly not be a wave 1 in Primary degree. Modern wave analysts have tried the 5 waves down in Primary degree 2 times already and I’m sure they will try again this time.  Any 5th wave position you see anywhere on the internet that is “uncapped” is sending me a clear message and that is, “I don’t have a clue where I’m at”  They flip numbers and letters around like they are flipping hamburgers when they should be acting like a “Surgeon”.

Every major wave analysts believe that a 5th wave can be 3 generations long! This is impossible and has “never” happen in over 500 years of market history.  Yet the herd of analysts insists otherwise. Besides that, the last two bear markets should have retraced back to the previous 4th wave of one lesser degree already. This has never happened because no big 4th wave bottom ever happened. They are all wave 2 bottoms and you can wait until pigs learn to fly before this market will ever fall that deep.

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