RUA, Russell 3000 Index Review

I thought I would show the wave positions of the Russell 3000, which gives us a broad look at the markets in the USA. My lowest degree is Minor degree, then Intermediate, with Primary degree wave 5 completing in 2017.  Cycle degree wave 3 will show once this market progresses with the next bear market.  Since 2000 we have 3 peaks that all need to find a label, that will last for the next 89-144 years. Guessing or just making cosmetic changes does not work with the EWP, because any single change has to be checked to make sure it still fits in the sequence to the higher degrees.

With respect to the highest degree level all my work is a minimum of two degrees lower than the majority of expert wave analysts are, so you will find no SC or GSC degree wave positions in any markets today.  Notice there are 2 sets of 4th waves in Intermediate degree, but they are in different positions and different in physical sizes as well. 

When we draw a line across the bottom at the 400 price level, we can see that the markets would be building  another huge base. We know this index cannot go to zero, but I was stupid enough in late 2008 to try 5 waves down in Primary degree, as well. Every attempt at finding wave 2 in a Primary degree rally failed.

When an extended wave 3 bull market starts to complete, we will keep getting 3-4-5 wave sequences into the early 21st century. (2129)?

In early 2009 all the expert wave analysts didn’t see the big bull market coming, which gives no time for the contrarians to accumulate large positions.  There were many indicators in late 2008 that hinted strongly that the 2008 market crash was coming to an end, but all the wave analysts never paid attention to them. 

If Cycle degree wave 3 is ahead this year, then another wave 4 bear market will happen. It’s the 5th wave following any 4th wave in Cycle degree, that has to be drawn out in an idealized fashion. This is so we clearly see what the Idealized pattern has to be for what we need next.  The idealized pattern has been posted already so we can’t claim that we will be surprised by the next crash and the next Cycle degree bull market.

When we reach the bottom of  solar cycle #24 and solar cycle #25 has turned the corner, we can bet that the majority will be running from stocks, clicking the “sell” button as fast as they can.  Trillions of dollars gets thrown about by the power of a single finger.

Sure the bull market looks impressive, but a large group of insiders has left the “building”  already in May.  😎 

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