DGL Physical Gold ETF: 2011-2018 Review


DGL is another gold tracking ETF which seems to track the cash gold futures charts very well. GLD,GLDM, IAU also track gold future very well, so they make good trading ETFs. If options were involved then this chart would behave much differently. DGL has to drop another $4-$5 before it crashes to new record lows. Any new record low will confirm that gold was just in a bear market rally and gold investors will get punished. 2011 was a 30 year gold and silver mania peak in Cycle degree, and it will not repeat itself until 2041! Once this 2018 hits bottom then we are only 1/3 of the way through gold’s bear market.

From the 2017 bottom to the 2018 top contains a triangle which can develop in diagonal 5th waves. The 5 waves down are diagonal waves and are very common in commodities. 2013 was also a special year as the internet was flooded with insider buying news!  I could have sworn that a major bottom has happened in 2013, but this was not to be. Not until years later, did it make sense as it turned out to be the home for the missing “A” wave location in Minor degree.

If we get massive insider buying news again, will remain to be seen, but it will become public information when they do.

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