KOL: Cycle Degree Wave 5 Review!


I’m convinced that the pattern of this KOL crash is a single completed zigzag crash that had its start back when all energy related EFTs started to crash. This was 3 years ahead of all gold related peaks which is also a Fibonacci number. The secondary peak in 2011, matched the precious metals mania peak. Previous presidents killed the coal market but president Trump sure brought it back to life. Sure, I like clean energy just like anyone else, but they can also use some very clean coal burning technologies that scrubs many of the harmful by-products that are associated with coal burning as a source of electricity.

Commodatity wave patterns in some respects look like normal patterns but “ALL” commodities are connected with giant zigzags. Using normal stock market wave analysis will never work because we have to count them like big diagonals. Diagonals are the wildest patterns you will ever run across and they must be labeled correctly if they are being used.

If the 2016 bottom is a 4th wave bottom in Cycle degree, then we could be facing a big KOL correction with the next major peak not expected until 2o41. That still leaves lots of time for a huge bear market to still play out.  KOL should not break to new record lows if  the next big bullish phase is in progress.  I will not count out all the little waves as there could still be many adjustments along the way that will need to be done. I will not be trading this ETF as the gold sector has all of my attention, but KOL offers a climpse into the future that is too hard for me to ignore.

There may only be a few Cycle degree 4th wave bottoms completed, with the US dollar index being another.  2018 seems to be a peak at this time, and not until I see that a clear or better looking correction has taken place, will I turn bullish on KOL. 2019 could be positive for all commodaties, as a rebound is most likely to happen.

Deflation is coming so for the next three years KOL could act very bearish. The start of solar cycle #25 should turn KOL into acting bullish, as solar cycle bottoms are bear market assasins!  Markets usually crash 1-2 years before solar cycle bottoms,  just like they did during the 2008 crash. KOL and stocks hit bottom together in 2009 as they seemed to synchronize very well.

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Coal ETF KOL: The First Cycle Degree 4th Wave Bottom?


This afternoon, May 1, 2018  I took a detailed count of all the Cycle degree wave 3 peaks, that I have found in all the work I do.  The first quick preliminary count I took I came up with about 16 peaks! This amount surprised me a bit, but when I took the second count I came up with 27 Cycle degree wave 3 peaks. Some are a bit “iffy” and still need work, but in the hunt for Cycle degree wave three peaks, I saw KOL which is a coal related ETF. If you have never seen a great looking implosion, then here is a good one.

Once I looked at that $5 bottom, it looked like the Cycle degree 4th wave has completed. KOL peaked along with oil, and then also crashed with oil.  This deserves watching to see if we finished wave 1 in Primary degree. If that is the case, then a decent correction “must” play out. It sure will not stop at the previous 4th wave of one lesser degree, as a wave 2 crash can go very deep to a 60-70% retracement.  There is a chance that this is a 4th wave rally, but a very steep decline could kill that idea. The bull market from the 2016 bottom looks very impulsive, so that helps the wave 1-2 scenario.

The initial crash from the 2008 peak was straight and steep, which is the sign of a zigzag “A5” wave.  The Primary degree “B” wave top did not soar to new record highs, which a zigzag in this position should not do. We could be in a big triangle with only the first “A”completed and 4 more wild moves to go.

Even with a triangle, we need a much higher move to finish. KOL has no leverage in it that I know of, and this allows the waves to form cleaner with less diagonal waves.

This is a beautiful pattern and I could just about use it as a real world example for the DOW!  I would have to shorten this bear market by about 4 years, which would make all moves much steeper and travel faster.  This KOL needs watching, so a wave two bottom can be confirmed. Having the potential of seeing 5 waves in Primary degree unfold, will be amazing. Any one of my Primary degree idealized charts from inventory, will help.

This would be the very “first”  Cycle degree 4th wave bottom that might hold, but again, it needs love and care to get  confirmed. I don’t have the time to track this in detail, but will try and catch it just “before” it hits a wave 2 bottom. Either way, any wave count idea must be confirmed, or it should be thrown out  and a new count initiated.


This is the idealized 5 wave impulse road map I would use.

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