UUP: US Dollar ETF Review

This is the ETF that tracks the US dollar and it will give us a different wave count as the 2014 low shows. UUP made another spike to the upside today which is far from finished as the US dollar is in a bull market of  Grand Supercycle degree or even Submillennium degree. A bull market in the US dollar is deflationary and will continue on its bullish path for a long time. I’m working 5 waves up in Primary degree as the 2008 bottom was one of my 4th wave bottoms in Cycle degree. I’m still very positive that the US dollar has an expanded flat with the 2018 bottom being wave 4 in Intermdeate degree. Techically this UUP ETF should break to new record highs until this fall, and then crash going into the first half of 2019. This Primary degree wave 4 crash will send the price of gold soaring, even though it may only last 5-8 months.

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