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I thought I would post some stats for Elliott Wave 5.0. The above chart just shows all the sources of search engine stats with Google leading the way by a wide margin. These are mostly organic search hit results,  with the bottom darker lines created by all other search engines. I was very happy once my average page views started to hit 2000 pages viewed per day.  There are dramatic spikes and huge drops as well but in the end, the trend is generally still up.


This screen clip was taken early in the morning which shows 1495 pages viewed already, so today should be another good day. Yesterday well over 4100 pages very viewed in one 24 hour time period. This internal stat counter also shows 79,925 pages viewed in one month and we still have 3 days to go. Using rough calculations I figured that this blog could hit a million page views by the end of the year, but this has been achieved in October already. One day, 3000 pages viewed per month may become normal and I would be very happy if those kinds of numbers eventually materialized consistantly.

If readers like they can conduct a search in any search engine using, “Elliott Wave 5.0 Reboot”,  with large image settings. This will ring up many of my charts on the first page or so. I know most all my wave counts are floating around the internet but it may be impossible to find all of them.

As nice as some of these numbers sound, there is no critical mass here. In the last three years, not a single wave analyst has come forward that wants to keep Cycle degree wave analysis alive. I have had some financial support from a few dedicated fans, but costs in keeping this site running are not getting any cheaper.

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