Bitcoin Wild Ride Update

In the last month or so Bitcoin has produced what looks like an expanded top which is very bullish.

Even the 5 wave decline came in perfectly for now.  The thing is that this top can also be diagonal and if that is the case then a new downside price will happen. Of course, the bullish case would send Bitcoin prices to new record highs.

I’m not a fan of anything crypto as there are far too many Bitcoin bank robberies, hack jobs, crypto exchange attacks, and many other black-market shenanigans.

I lost count all the different ways that they can make your bitcoins disappear.

Even stupid crooks are getting in on the act as they plan a Bitcoin heist.

There is no end to the number of crypto coin robberies so this does not make it a high confidence investment or something we can use every day!

Even the cannabis industry attracts the crooks so it’s not just a crypto problem.

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