Bitcoin Still Breaking Records!

If we want to see a “Mania” then look no further than Bitcoins insane price swings. A new record high of $7454 for one Bitcoin is not normal as nobody in their right mind can do business with an unstable, impossible to touch Crypto currency. Sure, you may see some pictures of Bitcoins but they are not real. 

My opinions about Bitcoin is that it will end just like any other mania will end. It takes large  computer server farms to create Bitcoins and they need massive amounts of cooling water to keep running. It’s getting to the point where creating bitcoins are causing climate change due to the fossil fuels the servers need to keep going.  

It is costing more and more to mine Bitcoins and becomes less profitable. Bitcoins price must keep going higher to justify spending money on maintaining the servers.  Once Bitcoin miners wake up to this fact, Bitcoin will fall and not get up. 

How much would it cost to make Bitcoin worthless? Less than you think…

Is Bitcoin Mining Still Profitable? | Investopedia

28 Barrels of Oil to Mine a Single Bitcoin



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