Bitcoin Eradication Program In Progress!

There is little chance that the entire Crypto scene will just suddenly get up and soar to new world records.  Ain’t going to happen! Chances are good Bitcoin will flat line once it crashes well below the $5000 price level. Any lower and it will cost more to mine Bitcoins that what miners can sell it for. They just about need a small nuclear reactor attached to the Bitcoin mining operation to stay profitable.

The bear market pattern in Bitcoins shows nothing that some miracle, “ABC” correction is taking place, so in the long run the wave count could die a slow and painful death.  I have no sympathy for those that are losing their shirt,  as this “mania” was pretty clear from the onset.  We also had enough warnings by mania watchers, that the Bitcoin Mania was out of control.

Pretty soon it will only be worth it for an update once every few weeks as interest in all things Crypto wanes and disappears in the dustbins of history.

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