Beyond Meat, Sucking In The Green Investors!

When I heard about Beyond Meat (BYND) going public it reminded me of back in the dotcom bubble era. My opinions are strictly personal but imagine a company with no real sales tapping into the “green” mentality that will deliver all its vegan burgers with fossil fuels!

Even Leonardo DiCaprio, the fake “Green” has invested in this company who flies around in jets.  Next thing we may hear is that Al Gore is buying shares.

It was a very slick IPO as they timed it very well with the peak of the Nasdaq. Suck as much money as they can from investors when valuations are at their extremes already is pretty normal. There is no way in telling at this time, but insane moves can bring on more insane moves until investors get tired with a company that has no earnings but plenty of losses.

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