Berkshire Hathaway Inc. BRK.A Who Are These Smart Investors that Love To Buy High?



It looks like BRK.A has topped out a bit over $250,000 per share.   With only about 117 shares traded, this sure puts Bekshire share holders into an elite club.  When we go to that December high and ask what he was thinking when he bought a single share of this stock?  He has been brainwashed by Buffet to hold for a long time, but how does he feel once $10,000 has already gone up in smoke?

This stock holder is going to feel a lot worse once this stock price hits $200,000 or lower.  Last month it took well over 221 ounces of gold just to buy one share of BRK.A. I would have to check back to see how cheap BRK.A was when it was at a bottom in 2009 to make a fair comparison.  

I believe that a Cycle degree wave III could have completed, and if that is the case, the previous 4th wave I show, will definitely not offer Cycle degree bottom support. It may take until Berkshire Hathaway falls to $110,000 for a bear market bottom to manifest itself.  

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