Apple New Record High And The Fibonacci Number $233!


Apple topped out early yesterday and seems to be heading down along with all the other indices. I call it the “Buffet Rally” as he was buying at record highs for months. Nobody else has that kind of money to throw around, as it seems he created the bull market in Apple as he was buying. Apple stock is held by many hedge funds and big investment funds, but they will have no stomach holding onto Apple stock when Apple continues to crash.

I keep about 20 gold/ratios in my ratio pool, and Apple just peaked out with a Gold/Apple ratio of 5.27:1.

This is an all-time ratio expensive reading for what I have records for. The previous most expensive ratio was 7.85:1, which has now been broken by a wide margin. Those that call Apple as a good investment have no clue about the insane Gold/Apple ratio displayed here today!

I will work the expanded version at this time, and even then Apple topped at a Fibonacci number of $233!  Can Apple crash down to $144? Sure it can and even more if we consider a Cycle degree wave 4 crash is coming.

Buying on the dips will slaughter investors if they don’t understand how serious the coming recession-depression will be. Not until Solar Cycle #25 starts up, would I bet that Apple will be a good investment again.

Of course, you may have to wait 3-4 years before that happens. 2022 is an expected bottom as years ending with a “2” seemed to spawn huge bull markets.

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