Amazon Bull Trap?


This Amazon bull market can’t last forever, but it sure looks like it will keep soaring to the heavens, after all they are crushing brick and mortar stores consistently. I guess AMZN investors never heard about the trade wars that may be starting or is Amazon impervious to any trade war or recession?  The move in 2007, to late 2008 is a potential wave 3-4 in Primary degree, and what followed fits better into a diagonal wave count, but I have been using the simple count at this time.

If you notice how the horizontal lines get smaller as the bull market keeps running, then we know that just a little correction can send Amazon crashing hundreds of dollars in a very short distance. Just to get to the bottom trend line Amazon would hit the $600 price level.

One of the expensive Gold/AMZN ratios back in July 2017 was 1.16 and today we have about a 1.2:1 ratio. One ounce of gold will only buy 1.2 shares of  Amazon. I measured a cheap ratio of 25:1 at the 2002 bottom so I doubt we will ever see that ratio again. Amazon would vanish before that crazy low ratio will get hit again. In todays world anything can happen, so I never rule out anything even a 25:1 ratio.

We seem to be heading into a brick wall with our present ratios, and more than just a few times, so this can be a very bearish sign for Amazon.

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