Elliottwave5.com, looks at commodities, like gold, silver, oil, and others. I also cover stock market indices such as the DJIA, SP500, Nasdaq, Russell 2000 and the SP Midcap charts. My wave analysis is done with futures charts and I use no conventional indicators, so popular with todays Elliott Wave analysts. 

I use the Elliott Wave Principle (EWP), made popular by Robert Prechter from Elliott Wave International (EWI). As of 2013 we look at all wave counts from a Cycle degree perspective, which makes Elliottwave5.com, “The Gateway to Cycle Degree Elliott Wave Analysis”. Elliottwave5.com is also the only site in the world that has stated its goal of finding all 5 waves in Cycle degree first!  Without all 5 waves in Cycle degree being located and completed, there is no mathematical chance of ever advancing into any SC degree wave positions.  

I include Supercycle (SC) and Grand Supercycle (GSC) degree Elliott Wave commentary, but SC degree wave 3 and then GSC degree wave 3, are still decades away in the future. SC degree may not arrive until the 2029 time period, so any present day SC degree forecasts mean little. 

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