UBER,BYND Some Of The worst IPO’s

I just wanted to show some of the worst IP0’s that came out during the second stock mania since 2000. I will never ever buy into any part of this market as UBER could go bankrupt and disappear.


BYND is not as bad but I think it will still travel well below the IPO price. The competition is great for veggie burgers as every major change has been working on them.

I haven’t included any pot stocks as that industry is in an oversupply situation the likes I have never seen before, but has not surprised me at all.

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Gold Daily Chart Update.

Talk about gold moving at a snail’s pace we have been witnessing it for the last couple of months. The only thing that can happen to get the analysts excited is some unexpected 200-day MA death cross, which should be pretty easy to spot by the keen observer.

It would take a minimum of a $100 gold price drop to cut the 200-day MA (Bottom Line)

My updates will be erratic at best as I have other pressing issues I can’t avoid.

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Solar Cycle 24 Update

The data for October is in and solar 24 has broken all records since the low of solar cycle 23 in 2008 of 73%. Solar cycle 24 now has a record of 74% spotless days. (229 days).

I few sunspots that belong to solar cycle 25 have come out but not enough to make a difference. We still have until early spring of 2021 ( March?)for the stock bears to strike but after that all bets are of.

Maybe the US markets will not do what they did in 2009 and start looking like the Nikkei bear market since 1990!

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