T-Bond 1981-2019 Review

This T-Bond chart bottomed in 1981 and has been in a bullish pattern ever since. 38 years of a bullish phase that has seen many crashes but always resumed its bullish path and then went higher.

I think the bigger trend is a Supercycle degree pattern and if we add 60 years or part of the 120-year cycle to the 1981 bottom, we get a date of 2041.  2041 is my  SC degree wave 3 peak which for many is so too far into the future.

I checked many of the commercial hedger’s positions and many are net long but not by that much. In otherwords, the bullish march of T-Bonds should keep right on going.

Investors can have a mini selling panic at any time but the trend should remain intact. I don’t think there is an immediate need to panic out of T-Bonds.

The choppy nature of T-Bonds is very normal and has to be counted like a giant ending diagonal. In the end, a new all-time high record may peak with the solar cycle 24 bottom. Many don’t care about any solar cycles but it’s the sun that controls everything on earth including all prices.

I will not count any intraday charts as I just don’t have the time to cover as many asset classes as I have.

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