Crude Oil Daily Chart Update!

This is the September crude oil contract which shows the June crash very well. Now we are faced with a much stronger rally than expected which always calls for an instant review, and look for a better fit.

Today oil is producing another spike to the upside so a correction should be due if this “C” wave bull market has another leg to go.  Any correction can take oil prices back down to the $57 price level before it starts to crank up again.

You can find many fundamental reasons why oil is in a rally but I a few months from now no one will remember any of the fundamentals.  Fear as a motivator is the oldest trick in the book but fear usually, does not last that long.

Commercials are short oil but not by a large amount. The COT reports come out on Friday and we’ll find out if the commercials increased their bearish bets.

The Gold/Oil ratio is 23.48 and with 10 recorded ratios for the month of June, it is the most expensive so far.

At the $66 price level oil would be at a double top and “Truncated” or shorter than a normal looking zigzag.

The June crash is a flat wave pattern because there was a little single zigzag that started out the crash. 3-3-5 is a flat no matter how long the 5 waves decline for.


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Crude Oil Intraday Bullish Review

Crude oil has now traveled further than what I would like to see for a bear rally so I have to explore the bullish alternative.

I’m starting wave 1-2 in  Minute degree and the waves do look a bit short at this time. We also know that when it comes to extensions the 5th wave can perform miracles in any commodity.

A very important high would be at the $66 price level which would also produce another double top.

The Gold/Oil ratio is 24.3 which has not changed all that much.

I will keep this short for now as I have to review the daily chart as well.

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