Elliott Wave Solar Cycle 24 Update

This is the May 2019 updated solar cycle 24 progress report with little change. As I post the sun is blank and it has an 18-day run with no sunspot activity at all.

Some people may be in a panic already thinking solar cycle 25 has arrived, but if solar cycle 25 is here then the sun would be loaded with sunspot activity.

Sunspot arrival location and polarity must be considered as well and so far none of that has happened. We still have about 1-2 years where we can see sunspot activity virtually flat-line along the bottom.

There is no guessing here as solar cycle 25 will come to produce a profound change of mood here on earth, and hopefully, we have a few extra people watching for it as well.

The first solar cycle 24 peak (2011) correlated well with the price peak in gold, silver and a host of other asset classes.

Even though gold has been soaring as of late the decline of solar cycle 24 could still draw gold prices down, but the arrival of solar cycle 25 should push gold prices up again.


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