SP500 Decline Update

At this time the SP500 produced a 7 month double top before it started to decline.  So far the SP500 is forming the best and when this impending 5 wave decline moves dramatically out of character then I will look at building my alternate wave counts. I don’t think we are near any Minor degree move just yet,  but if it lasts all of May, I would consider that pretty lucky.

We are looking at a possible Cycle degree correction which will take longer and a few more years to play out.

All this bearish market action based on a tweet from President Trump! How does an ordinary person compete with people that are trying to manipulate the markets?

Over 1.5 Trillion dollars were wiped off the books on President Trump’s tweets and it seems it’s not stopping anytime soon.

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Solar Cycle 24 April Update!

The April numbers are in and the sunspot activity for April was just a bit less then what  March was. Each dot represents the total sunspots that were counted. There are those that are freaking-out declaring “Climate Change Emergency”.  The cause of climate change is in the chart above (Sun Cycles) but the majority of scientists or consensus opinion have no clue how the 11.5-year sun cycle effects economic activity and commodity prices here on earth.

We haven’t moved into solar cycle #25 yet as it may still be a few years away. We may have to wait out all of 2020 before we see the first sunspots of solar cycle 25 poke through.

Solar cycles travel up faster than they travel down and the entire move up and down is roughly a (40-60)) ratio which is the Fibonacci ratio!  If we printed out a very large chart of a solar cycle you can make out 5 and 3 wave Elliott Wave Sequences.

The end of the world has been declared as some countries are trying to declare, “Climate Emergency”. It’s no longer about global warming, now its all about climate change.

The very first peak in 2011 was enough to kill the “Golden Bull”  which happened in 1980 as well.  As the solar cycles fade away Cosmic rays increase in strength which shows up as an inverse move to the sun cycle chart.


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