Solar Cycle #24 And AR2738 Commentary.

The results for March sunspot activity is in.  It takes at least a week into the next month before they can post the previous months results. By the looks of it, March had a small increase in sunspot activity but that activity still belonged to Solar Cycle #24.  We still could see a total of three years where we have maximum spotless days, which could take us to the end to 2020.

2008-2009  was the end of Solar Cycle #23, which correlated with the stock market bear market.  It was the new solar cycle #24 that started in March 2009 that created another super stock bull run.

This has all happened before as solar cycle #23 pushed the 1996-2000 bullish phase of the stock market. Most investors ignore the solar cycles, but they have a better track record of creating stock bull and bear markets than any government policy can.

Every country on this planet lives under the same sun, and China was buying up US assets during solar cycle #24’s advance. The building boom in China at that time is also another example of how solar cycles influence business expansion and contraction.

Having a bearish outlook for the future after solar cycle #25 starts will kill any bearish wave counts we may have at that time, just like what happened in late 2008.

Sunspots come to the surface of the sun to die, and AR2738 is just a couple of days old and still belongs to solar cycle #24. is one of the main sites I visit which allows us to see the face of the sun without the need for special glasses to protect your eyes.

Scientists use the solar cycles as they increase or decrease the “drag”  on any structures in low earth orbit like the ISS. Eventually, all space junk will fall to earth due to the solar cycle drag.  There are about 4 countries that have blasted satellite targets in low earth orbit which can produce 20,000 pieces of junk at the same time.

India was the recent country to demo satellite-killing capability which produced a huge amount of space junk endangering the ISS as well. NASA was not happy, to say the least.  If you are an investor then following the solar cycles should be at the top of your list of things to do.

It may take until the end of 2020 before solar cycle #25 starts to crank up and 2020 is also close to the end of a 20-year cycle which contained a complete solar cycle.

There is no guarantee but I will try and update solar cycle progress more frequently.

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