BOTZ, Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF Update

We can see that the January Peak at $27 is a single top all stuck out in the open. There is no expanded top here like we got on at least 5 other indices.  This January peak is the real peak which I see as wave 3 in Cycle degree. There are always three sets of simple corrections we will have to choose from and we would need a single correction in Cycle degree with 3 stages in Primary degree. It all points to a big flat in Primary degree with this single zigzag being the intro to the “A” wave in Primary degree.

I don’t think this decline can play out by the end of the year, as it may take until February-March 2019. A full set of 5 waves has to develop, and a landing at a Primary Degree “A” bottom would be a buy signal.

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Solar Cycle #24 Update

Some solar cycle watchers have already concluded that solar cycle #25 has already arrived. I question that assumption. Each dot above represents a single month and if we count backward, we can count 5 months when sunspot activity bottomed in July 2018.  

The problem with solar cycle #24 ending in July is that they don’t show up on the sun! New sunspots have to show up in the northern limb or the northern hemisphere of the sun. There should have been 5 months of sunspots show up in the northern hemisphere of the sun.  We can check online and look directly into the sun without burning our eyes. does a very good job of this and I clipped out a section that has only one sunspot active today, and it’s right at the equator 

The entire face of the sun is empty except for one little sunspot active near the equator of the sun. Sunspot # 2729.

2018 spotless days have been about 60% days, not yet matching the 2008 73% spotless days. 

I have to apologize if this posting doesn’t look right as they have introduced a new editor and I will have some trouble with it until I get use to it. 

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