Wave Analyst Search For Elliott Wave 5.0

I am looking for 1 or even 2 dedicated wave analysts that want to submit work to this blog. You must register if you think you can fit in, or mesh with any Cycle degree and lower, wave counts.  You “must” also physically own the EWP blue book, and not some hacked copy from the Internet. It will be open only to the 17  Gold members that are presently registered as of today.  If you don’t own the EWP book, you can purchase one from EWI. 

I’m looking for a few good people that will help to add more content. This is an opening for a volunteer position, and “not” a job posting. Being dedicated to working with Elliott wave is the main priority.  I will keep this page up until the beginning of September 2017, and see what type of a response I do get.  I know I have a few wave practitioners reading this blog, but most just pass through in a month.

Please do not send me any wave positions on any obscure currency pair, as exchange rates are not assets, they are just short term trade setups.  Any wave analyst from the local  Vancouver, Surrey area would be ideal, so we can occasionally meet face to face.