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Silver Daily Chart Crash Review: Last Chance

Silver is on its last chance to finish displaying a zigzag crash. Any new record low below $15.20 kills this wave count, so it will be critical for the next few weeks. There is a rally starting to happen, but the rally is questionable starting out. Either way we are heading for a third bottom, if silver breaks. Since the August 2016 peak, silver has been in a bearish phase that has very few sets of impulse waves in it.

To put it mildly, “Choppy as Hell”! ūüėĮ ¬†Even though silver seems like its going to fall into the abyss, that doesn’t mean it will. Who cares about silver¬†when Bitcoin¬†dominates¬†the news in the financial¬†world. The seasoned contrarians know better, that when the public hates an asset class,¬†then they should be buying at depressed prices.¬†

I lowered the wave degree back down by one degree, just in case we are in a diagonal 5th wave. I have done the same for gold as the 2011 top, may not be a Cycle degree top like I have been using. It could be a  diagonal wave 3, in Intermediate degree. Back in late 1999 they hated silver at that time as well, and look what happen to silver after that!  They hated gold even more back in those days, as anybody that had a warm body was selling gold and silver. 

Any “C5” wave bull market from a zigzag ¬†still amazes me because they can soar so disproportional¬†to the “A” wave.

For the rest of the year I will use this degree level in silver. I have already started the same idea with gold, which I will post this weekend.

Silver Crash Daily Chart Update

Silver only has pennies to go before it breaks my¬†bullish wave count. The next best wave pattern is that another zigzag is forming, but we still need a bit longer C5 wave length, to make a better fit. ¬†I sure don’t rule out any running type of a move as well, so in the short term silver can remain volatile.¬†

What must not happen¬†in silver, is that¬†the July 2017 bottom¬†also gets completely¬†retraced. If this happened then the $14.60 price level could get hit and the Intermediate degree “B” wave must also be moved. ¬†

Silver Intraday Update: Fighting For A Bottom?

At this time it seems like $16.85 produced some resistance,¬†pushing¬†silver back down and the possibilities¬†of a new bearish low. We have about 30 cents to play with before any bullish wave count I have will get trashed again. ¬†Since the early October spike all gaps have been closed off, and it seems like silver has broken away from the clutches of¬†those Algorithmic monsters running loose on the internet. Sure, it may be science fiction, but wave counting¬†would be pretty boring if we don’t have an imagination.¬†

We still have alternate wave counts that can surprise us, but at this time I like to think we have a potential reversal that is going to happen. On a silver daily chart this decline looks like a single spike to the downside, which fits well into a potential wave 2. Gold is also looking a bit like a straight down move, so in that respect  silver and gold seem to confirm each other in the short term. In the bigger scope of things silver is on a much different wave count than gold.

Silver turned in July of 2017, while gold turned in mid December 2016. This is just about a full 7 month difference between the two asset classes. This will throw wave counts for a loop if we ignore the real bottoms.  

Silver’s real low was way back in 1993, but yet the majority of wave analysts ignored this little fact and lumped it in with the gold bull market. So far $16.57 seems to be holding, but we need more evidence that a bigger rally is in progress.¬†

Silver Intraday Bearish Phase Update

The threat of this Silver correction lasting longer and going deeper exists. Even gold has the same pattern so it’s not just silver that is acting this way. Silver has diverged from gold in that they are many months apart¬†from their¬†respective bottoms this summer. This tells me that silver is in a big bearish rally that should still have lots of room¬†to move up. Last week the commercials with gold and silver added to their long¬†positions which is a bullish sign at least in the short term. ¬†With North Korea threatening¬†hydrogen bomb destruction, it is very understandable¬†that investors could seek safe-haven at any time.¬†

When I was a teen nuclear bombs were being set off around the world, spreading radiation into the ice sheets which also showed up in the wine being produced at that time.

In the mean time the US dollar commercial positions have switched, where they are now net long on the US dollar, and net short the Canadian dollar. 

The USD net long ratio is not that large and we need a bigger net long position before any real concerns are valid. 

I would love to see a zigzag or a flat correction to play out in silver as that will help to keep the bullish forecasts alive. Silver has come very close to my target price level, but the pattern has not. In my world pattern over rides price, just like it does when we look at any idealized chart.

Silver Intraday Crash Review: Has It Gone Far Enough?

This morning the intraday low touched $16.84 and has now turned up a bit. As much as I would like to see the end of this correction, we have to wait and see what the next rally in silver will bring us. Let’s say that silver starts a rally, but this rally is very choppy. It heads back up to $17.40 and at this point it could be another 4th wave rally and another 5th wave down would have to follow.¬†

That would be a potential “A” wave of a bigger and longer correction, and we would not even be a third of the way through this correction.¬†

Between gold and the silver daily charts they have diverged from each other, to where the corrections are no longer acting in sync. Gold hit its corrective bottom in December of 2016, while silver bottomed in July of 2017. This is about a 7 month difference between the two which is a big spread or divergence. 

Silvers correction fits better into a triangle at this time, which, if true gives us a clue to the end of a potential rally. This potential wave 1-2 correction may be too high of a degree, so we still have lots of room for silver to¬†move up. Many don’t see the difference between the two, but from my perspective, it stands out like a sore thumb which can’t be ignored. Until we get some really crazy expensive ratios, this bull market is still alive.

Silver Intraday Crash Review

Silver is still imploding, but this was not unexpected. Where it will stop, or how far through this correction, we are, is still a short term mystery. We do have a great previous low¬†between $16.85-$16.60 so Silver can come to a screeching¬†halt anytime. Silver is on a downside vertical move which can’t be maintained in the long run, so a sideways move should happen soon. ¬†Gold has also executed a move like silver, but needs a bit more length to make it look better.¬†

Maybe silver will give us a great looking H&S pattern before it starts on the next leg up. Some of the gold and silver stock ETFs did not react as strongly as silver and gold did, which is actually¬†a very bullish sign. At least there is a bit more action going on in the silver and gold markets, but in the SP500, it seems it’s stuck in place.¬†

Silver Bull Market Intraday Review

After the early August dip, silver recovered, and then roared back in a bullish move, now approaching the $18 price level.  In the big picture silver  is in a diagonal pattern which started way back in 1993. Trying to count silver as an impulse is futile as there are two different types of 5th waves. There is a good chance that another smaller version of a diagonal is forming and the chances for a correction are starting to increase.  Sure it might be still too early but any correction could be fast, sharp and painless. Only the silver bulls will feel the pain, while the contrarians see it as a buying opportunity.

Silver had 3 major dips in August and the dip on the 16th of August would be one of the favorite support areas. ($16.80) I’m sure silver will keep us guessing in the short term, but in the longer scheme of things a decline in the silver price is not the end to the silver bull market. I show we could be getting close to a potential wave 1 in Minute degree but can still be a bit early. ¬†As long as we get a choppy decline the chances are good, that it will be just a correction. ¬†

Most of my updates will be short this week as I still have chart issues that is taking up much of my time.

Silver Intraday Update! Time For A correction?

From the early August dip, silver has recovered nicely and now has soared to another higher high. This is starting to look like a mini bull trap with a potential finishing 5th wave.  I shifted the degree level by one degree, so we get to start the same degree over again. 

We could just see a very short correction before silver charges up again, but that could be wishful thinking at this time. Gold has made the same basic move, so for this short period of time, gold and silver are in sync. They must have searched for a better drummer that they can both march to.  

Any move to the $16 price level would not surprise me, but it will not happen overnight.I better not say “overnight” too many times, as then the odds increase that it will crash in a flash crash. With algorithms¬†running amok you never know what will happen, so it is always best to keep our options open.

Silver Intraday Correction Update

From a potential “B” wave bottom in Minor degree, silver surged for most of July. Since then silver has started a correction, which could be finished. ¬†The correction may not be finished just yet, so another plunge below the bottom trend line may still happen.

The correction could be a 4th wave, so another leg up should happen. After the anticipated leg up has completed, then we should be in a new Minute degree wave 1.

As ugly of a correction it was, ¬†silver’s bottom can only fit into a triangle. Any triangle in the “B” wave position is a stark warning that there is one more “Thrust” coming, and once this trust has completed it would also be the end of the bigger bullish phase. ¬† There still is lots of time before we even get close, as it may take until mid or late 2018 before the big bullish phase in silver is done.

If we go back 100 years to late 1918 we know silver peaked, and then imploded into a 13 year bear market, ending around 1932.  Even Steven Jon Kaplan figures the gold/silver bullish phase could last well into 2018, and he is much smarter than me and can read markets far better than any Elliott Wave specialist ever will.

Most of all the other commodities and stock markets also bottomed in 1932, so this time period has significance from my perspective.

I visited my contrarian friend yesterday who also manages other peoples money, and there is no panic in trying to get out of any silver related assets.

Silver Daily Chart Update

With this daily futures cash chart, we see that we have one ugly of a bearish decline since that mid 2016 peak.  Every bullish wave count I have tried since the January 2017 bottom has failed.  One of the wave counts I can have is a potential triangle decline,  which bottomed in early July 2017. 

If this is true, then there can be no more new lows, and silver has to keep on charging up, passing all the peaks of the silver bearish phase. The real horror  wave count would be that the top in April of $18.60 was the top of another zigzag, which would send silver below the 2016 lows.

The triangle wave count would send a clear signal that any new record highs would also be the last high, before another major crash would then follow. Triangles have a certain finality built in, in that one more thrust can happen, but after the “thrust” ¬†has¬†completed, the shit will hit the fan one more time.¬†

Any zigzag declining scenario, could be short lived, but then a new bullish phase will start again. Silver has always walked to a different drummer from gold, as since the real bottom in 1993, silver has seen nothing but diagonal wave structures. Counting sliver from this 1993 bottom as impulse waves is futile and just plain wrong, but it seems wave analysts just love to make 5 wave impulse counts everywhere they go. The EWP has two types of 5 wave sequences, but the majority lump them all into impulse waves. 

Buying physical silver bullion is always a good idea when silver is pointing down, but not when it is pointing up. Long term buying at lows, helps make the cost averaging work, but buying at an emotional high does the exact opposite. I use a small amount of silver bars like a savings account. 

At this time SIL the silver miners ETF has held up rather well, and has been on a bit of a rally lately. 

Silver Intraday False Spike Commentary

I have about 5 different settings I can use for displaying the “type” of the chart. The spike you see above shows up in bar¬†type very¬†well, and when we switch to candlestick the same spike appears. ¬†I think these spikes are high speed algorithm computer generated. In a blink of an eye this spike hits all the sell stops sitting below any price level. I call it the “stop sweeper” as it scoops up your¬†stops, takes your money and takes you out of your bullish position. ¬†

Also at the top we have a very tight range of price moves that I figure spanned a bit more than about  20 cents.  It looks like a miniature bar code.  


When I switch to candlestick at this scale, the spike is also very visible and it shows up in green while the other declines show up in red. Gee, sure looks like the algorithms are color blind. 

All this is fine and dandy, but once we switch to line type, in the chart setting, this spike disappears like it never happened. 

Here is the same chart, but switched to line type, and the spike crash is gone. With the price crash gone, our wave count remains bullish.  These big false spikes happen, and they can happen when the trading volume is very thin.  

Silver Daily Chart Bearish Review

The silver market has trashed all the easy short term bullish wave counts and this morning is at another spike and record low.   Silver has been walking to a different drummer. A new  low in silver has just hit the $15.20 price, and now has started to advance.  From the peak silver has also retraced a bit more than a net 61%, so if a rally is going to start, now would be the time.

Any other type of a move would put the silver bear market in a zigzag decline. We would still need a 4th wave rally now, then followed by another decline to new record lows.  Since the entire bearish phase is extremely choppy, then the decline should  eventually get completely retraced. 

Silver Daily Chart Review: Up And Away?

Silver started to bottom yesterday and now has soared this morning. This could be the start of the next leg up from a pretty steep, and straight decline.  Another very steep and much longer decline ended in early May which could all work as wave two corrective declines.  

Last month I showed a potential wave 1-2 for the 2016 decline, but there is too high of a chance that the 2016 top was an “A” wave top in Minor degree. ¬†The entire silver bull market going way back to the 1993 bottom can only fit into a diagonal¬†which are zigzags connected together, producing the wild spikes and overlapping patterns, that make up the silver market. We have to search far and wide to see some clean impulse waves, and even then they are small degree moves.¬†

In silver, I have to keep wave positions on two separate¬†patterns, and the above pattern has an “A” wave top but in Minor degree. ¬†It has to be in Minor degree if the 4th wave bottom is in Intermediate degree. Silver has done this many times in the past, so it will be interesting to see if silver will hold this pattern on a 5th wave.

A few other asset classes also could work as a 5th wave zigzag, so silver is not the only one. ¬†In the long run an “ABC” zigzag bull market is very much the same as a 1-2-3 impulse wave count. ¬†Until wave 3 materializes, we can work both patterns. ¬†When this does happen, other indicators should also start to show up, so it is not just one thing we have to look for when the next major peak hits¬†again.¬†

Even now silver could roar up as another zigzag to a wave one as well, which would make the present wave 1 peak a bit too early.

I’m sure you have heard of $200 silver forecasts, but since 1980 silver couldn’t even manage to hit $50 never mind $200. ¬†If we are really lucky maybe silver will give us another triple top, around the $49 price level, but until that actually happens, any price forecasts are just mythical numbers thrown out to the public based on fundamental analysts. ¬†

Longer term I’m bullish on silver, and now we need more evidence¬†to keep the silver bull market alive and kicking. ¬†¬†

Silver Weekly Chart, Elliott Wave Count Review

It would be fantastic if commodities¬†moved just like stocks do, but the sad fact is that they don’t.¬† Fear dominates everything in commodities, and the massive leverage all commodities¬†have is one of the main drivers of this fear.¬† This fear¬†creates the wild spikes that flip flop around, like a fish out of water. ¬†

I have been reviewing my larger degree wave counts, as Cycle degree wave 3 for 2011 may have been too aggressive, and therefore too early with the Cycle degree top. The entire silver bull market, which started in 1993, is one of the best examples of a diagonal run that you can find at this time, which keeps any idealized 5 wave impulse on the endangered species list. 

2016 is now a potential diagonal 4th wave in Intermediate degree, and technically we should get another zigzag to new record highs. This is also when a double top could form with only marginal new highs. That scenario would still be far away, so we do have time before we need to make a major decision.   

With silver it will be a real challenge, ¬†as I don’t think I can switch to 5 diagonal waves up in Minor degree at this time. Switching to a wave count that¬†may be marginal, will help to eliminate it, as any far off wave count will surely¬†fail.

These changes do not necessarily distort any long term bullish view I already have, which is a good thing.  Knocking a Cycle degree wave 3 top down to an Intermediate degree wave 3,  is a change of 2 degree levels.

The mid 2016 peak I show as a wave one in Minute degree, but I may have to change that to a Minor degree. Any time we put a wave count up, it is prone to fail sooner or later, but we have to run them until they no longer make sense. 

I may change gold and oil as well, as all my Cycle degree wave 3 positions regarding commodities, need reviewing. 

Silver Bull Market Intraday Update

I think we had a major bottom on May 9th after which it started another run heading north. Well, not exactly true north, but north east. This has a long way to go and we are not even at any wave one in Minute degree, as we have to build up to it. The first major hurdle that silver has to go above is the wave 1 top at about the $18.70 price level.

I’m sure that would produce some resistance, but if this bullish phase is as strong as I suspect, it should eventually break out¬†and travel much further. ¬†My wave degree will need some adjustment, but that is not a big deal. Eventually we have to review the daily charts to make sure everything still fits together on the bigger scale.

One thing about intraday scale charts is that they disappear, so we can never go back to recount the intraday scale a few years down the road. ¬†I will not commit any logic that we may be thinking that silver is heading to the moon or some other ridiculous $200 price forecast, as this may all be part of a big “D” wave rally. ¬†We have been in the “C” wave bullish phase for months already, and that should continue for the rest of this year.

Silver Intraday Update: Just A Correction

Silver has started a decline which should be part of a correction as we have some very choppy and overlapping waves. This morning silver also made a nice spike to the downside which at many times can be a  reversal pattern. Tomorrow should tell us more if our present  low holds as a wave 2.   If I set this wave 1 top one higher degree, then silver would have to show some very aggressive bullish moves to make it to a potential wave 3 in Minor degree. 

In the end it should all take us to the same new highs and rise well above that mid 2016 peak. ¬†We need to fill out wave 3-4-5 in Minuette degree, before we hit wave 1 in Minute degree. ¬† This is always easier said than done, but this “C” wave bull market is still alive at this point.¬†

Has Silver Crashed Far Enough?

Silver has been crashing, which only contained very small counter rallies. When we look at it from a daily and weekly¬†perspective, ¬†we see it as a pretty straight¬†down pattern. In this case I’m using a Minor degree wave 2 bottom, which would contain 6 degree levels. Even a wave like this would still have many extensions, that could come out of hiding when it is time to do so. ¬†This may not be the time, as we could get a counter rally that no short trader account can withstand the drawdown.¬†

The “Buy” orders are all bunched up above silver’s present price level,¬†and they can get triggered with computer trading and those pesky critters called Algorithms. ¬†

I have a pretty wild wave count at this time, and it may not last¬†a day, but I have to use it, to help eliminate¬†if it’s wrong. ¬† I may have to knock down the degree level, but for now the degree level is not a concern. ¬† Silver could be off, ¬†on a very strong bullish phase, and it will do everything in its power, to kick anyone off, that thinks they are getting a free ride.

This is also a good example, what silver can do with a decline when it wants to. ¬†Sure, there can be a bit more downside, but I’m anticipating a reversal, as this has the markings of a bear trap. ¬† Silver has a little more than $1.00 of downside room left, before the last support level is exceeded. Just like the horse races, it’s down to the wire! ¬†

Silver Weekly Chart, 2011-2017 Cycle Degree Review


Silver topped out on April, 25, 2011 at the $49.75  Price level. The chances that this was the peak of a diagonal 5th wave terminating at a potential Cycle degree wave III as well.  This wave III in Cycle degree barley exceeded the January 1980 peak of $48.

What followed the 2011 peak sure follows what looks like a 5 wave decline, but¬†so many waves overlap that¬†it only makes sense when I count it as a diagonal set, ¬†of 5¬†waves down. This all suggests that a Cycle degree zigzag may be in progress and that we eventually will finish off¬†with a “B” wave top in Primary degree.

In a potential big zigzag the last thing I would want to see is that the entire “B” wave¬†rally also ends up with a zigzag. ¬†Sure, we started what looks like a zigzag, but that could be just the leading zigzag to a flat. 3-3-5. ¬†This flat, should not take silver to any new record highs as zigzags can’t exceed the start of wave “A”.

If the 2011-2016 decline was a single completed 3 wave zigzag, then there would be no technical issues that would stop the ¬†“B” wave from traveling to new record highs, by¬†40% (.382). EWI has also mentioned that in a zigzag the “A” waves tends to be steeper than the “C” wave. I believe¬†alternation can switch this all around, when the “C” wave may end up being steeper.

EWI still believes a depression is coming this time, but I disagree as many of  the major depressions in the past came from wave 2 bases.  I will talk more about this when I review the last 100 years in the DJIA wave pattern.

I track the Gold/Sil ratio as that gives us a clue when Silver stocks become expensive to gold. At present we are sitting at a Gold/Sil ratio of 35.70:1 which is not all that bad at this time.  Now if we hit 20:1 then this silver market could be in big trouble.

Last weeks Market Vane Consensus report showed a 24 month high of 53%, which was matched a few days last week.  This does not suggest any extreme bullish mood regarding silver.  I see this as many seats still left, on this silver bull stagecoach.

The font settings in my editor,  is not allowing to lock in changes, as it seems to always want to revert back to Georgia. I may have to post in Georgia and a 16 font size at this time. 

Silver Daily Chart, Bullish Phase Review


I have complained many times that silver does not confirm many of the moves that gold makes. Trying to force the same wave count onto silver,¬†or trying to turn its bull market into impulse waves, is a futile effort. For years that is exactly what I was doing,¬†until I realized that the entire silver wave structure, is nothing but a crazy diagonal. ¬†Silver also ended its bullish phase in 2011, ¬†after which it started a decline. Sure, ¬†parts of the silver bear market can be a high grade impulse, but in the end this also falls apart. ¬†A double zigzag could actually be part of a bigger triangle, which ended on a Primary degree “C” wave in late 2016.¬†

What followed this 2016 bottom, was another very wild ride up. Right from the bottom, any perfect impulse wave structure was trashed rather quickly.  Most of the time this is a warning, that any impending rally would be a potential bear market rally, but how big or how long of a bear market rally,  was debatable. 

Still, this 2016 bottom was so bearish, and silver related stocks were so cheap, that a¬†bull market was bound to happen. ¬†This August 2016 top ended with about a $7 net move, after which it started another grinding decline. ¬†For now at least, silver can be part of a “D” wave bull market, which has lots of room to move to the upside. We already have been in the “C” wave part of this bullish phase, and we need 5 waves up in Minor degree to help confirm it.

In the last days of February 2017 silver peaked and started what looks like a straight move down. Second wave corrections can do this, especially in commodities so I see nothing strange about this move. If and when the 4th wave correction comes, this is when we can get a complex pattern that will keep us scratching our heads for many months,  as the 4th wave correction plays out.  Sure, I can be very wrong, but bullish phases are not that easy to kill. They swing from one extreme and then over to the other extreme, which we can measure with Gold/Sil ratios, and other gold stock ratio calculations as well. None of these contrarian indicators are anywhere near extremes, so this bullish phase is alive and well from my perspective.  

Last week only had 50% bulls present, so that alone tells us that many silver bulls are still out there to come in. Silver had a 24 month low of 16% bulls which in this case was another extreme. Any extreme in  the 80% or higher range,  will start to sound off alarms as this silver market would be starting to get overbought. 

This could happen at a “D” wave top, and we know that “D” waves are all bull traps. The majority cannot tell the difference between a real bull market and a big bear market rally, but the wave analysts eventually have to figure it out. ¬†When they do figure it out that silver is in a bull market, then chances are good that the silver bull market is finished!¬†

First waves and “D” waves can have very little differences in mood, ¬†and about the only way to tell the difference is by “pattern”. ¬†Price never makes a wave count, as the little blue book clearly shows us. (EWP)¬†

The silver market imploded in 2011 from a giant, “Stock Mania” ¬†bull attack, ¬†not from some government conspiracy¬†that may or may not have been¬†lurking, in the silver market. ¬†This will happen time and time again,¬†as mainstream stocks will always compete with gold and silver. ¬†

In the long term, silver may hit the $27-$30 price range, after which we can run into some very strong resistance. 


Silver Intraday Crash Update.

I believe that this great looking silver crash is a correction and not the start of some super bearish move. I think the best part is yet to come.¬†I moved my Minor degree top over with an extended diagonal zigzag, which places the Minute degree correction not quite in the middle of the decline, followed by a long and skinny “C” wave. If all the technical wave counting is correct or very close, then this would be one of the best wave trading setups this year.

At a minimum, any “ABC” type crash will retrace 100% of its decline, and then add on more legs after it breaks out. ¬†I stress more attention should be paid to 3 wave patterns than any set of 5 waves, as 3 waves dominate the markets at this time.¬†¬†

Silver is not starting as a pure impulse, but that is to be expected as we have to link all zigzags together in a wave 3 as well. Before I used to panic thinking that all these were false rallies, but I know this is not true.

As you can guess I would have to be very bullish with what I see right now, but we need time to move forward to help confirm it. 

Technically, we should also see waves 3-4-5 show up, after which it can give us another major ¬†high and time to force a decision on us. Many things have to fall into place as well, so it’s not all about any wave count. ¬†Emotions and crowd sentiment is the underlying fundamentals of the EWP, and when we ignore these sentiment indicators we do so at our own peril. ¬†The Futures or Forex markets will show us no mercy, as that is where “fear” dominates at the expense of hope and greed. I know that most fears develop because¬†of over trading, and lack of attention how much of our trading accounts¬†we have used up. There is a big difference in fear, if you only risk $1 out of $100 cash, or betting $50-$60 out of each $100 net cash in your trading account. ¬†Only the guy standing in front¬†of a slot machine will bet everything.¬†¬†

Silver Intraday Crash Review



One thing we have to keep in mind is that after a crash depending on what degree we are working, will always end up going higher from where the crash originated from.  This forms the higher highs which many would classify as a bull market.  If silver will stop on a dime is never an exact sure thing. Seeing this as a potential corrective crash, then silver should eventually soar with another leg up. The next target would be a wave 3 in Minor degree, containing 5 waves in Minute degree.

This is also when the markets can extend to such an extent,¬†that it is hard to imagine what some unseen smaller degree levels can do. In this specific wave count I could have up to 5 degree levels that might come out of hiding below Minute degree. ¬†Just because something has soared tall does not mean it is in a higher degree. ¬†Breaking the sequential¬†chain is the worst thing we can do with the EWP, as it is just like a DNA string that can’t be resequenced. ¬†I call it a DNA string, but in reality it is more like a Fibonacci string, that has to stay in sequence.

Move just one wave position and we have broken the string, so the entire sequence has to be recounted and checked again.

I’m still bullish in the long term and expect this decline to reverse sooner than later.

Silver Daily Chart Review



Since the silver bull market began in late 2015, it rallied in what I saw was an instant bear market rally, but the bearish readings were just too strong to have it end anytime soon. ¬† Silver is the king of diagonal¬†wave structures and they should be labeled as such. Most of the time room does not allow us to do that. ¬† I believe that silver and others have a real high probability of being in a “D” wave Primary degree bull market. ¬†This “D” wave needs one big zigzag to confirm it, but we have to keep the old “B” wave around just in case we have to bring it back. ¬†We don’t have to do that until this run has completely¬†finished.

Obviously late 2016 was another strong bottom, but how strong would be best explained with the degree levels. If this late 2016 bottom is a “B” wave in ¬†Intermediate degree, then we have to use our knowledge of¬†the idealized charts, to figure out exactly¬†what patterns and at what degree level we need to finish off a “C” wave bull market.

What we need  is the technical requirement for an inverted zigzag. I have drawn out so many of them, in idealized fashion and as simple templates, yet not to many wave analysts can fill in the templates, when I challenge them on it.  A zigzag needs a 5-3-5 run and the 5 waves should always alternate, even if the first set of 5 is a bit different than the second set of 5 waves, then this is fine. In this second set they are still diagonal waves, but they are much smoother and overlap much more, making it much harder to see the connecting zigzags. 

The “C” wave we need must break out to new record highs, and they can have a nasty habit of extending to the likes we seldom ever see. This still may take all year to do, but finding the first Minor degree wave one is always tricky to get, as diagonal waves are born to fool us.¬†

Even now the correction in silver has still some up and down moves to go, before it is ready to start on the next leg up. 


Silver Daily Chart 2016-2017 Review



I have not done a silver review for some time, but I looked it over on the monthly chart before I¬†started with this wave count. ¬†In late¬†2015 silver bottomed very close with gold, but its bull phase started just like gold, but with one wild mess of overlapping wave structures. ¬†These are diagonal¬†bullish waves, and technically I should not show you impulse wave counting. This can’t always be¬†done due to size limitations, but in this daily chart¬†it is important to know that we are starting with a diagonal¬†wave count.¬†

The entire silver bull market, which starting back in 1993, is one of the best charts to use as that bull market was also one of the best real world diagonal¬†wave structures I have seen. ¬†For the early 2016 bullish phase, we have basically the same thing, and it is a theme that will come and go during the entire silver bull market in Primary degree. ¬†A potential “B” wave in Primary degree, is a big bear market rally, which can fool us into forcing us to end the bullish phase too early.

Ending too early is unacceptable to me, so we will do the best to milk this bullish phase as best as we can. The general public will never know the difference between a bull market and a big bear market rally, but as Elliott Wave analysts, we have to know the difference as soon as possible.

In a five wave bull market, we can expect 3 strong pushes or legs up, but any “B” wave bull market will give us the same thing, except possibly¬†the Intermediate degree correction. ¬†If suddenly the gold/gdx ratio becomes too expensive then, all bullish bets would have to be reevaluated. ¬†I like to explain in detail of what is anticipated, so when we are wrong, we catch it at the earliest times. ¬†At this time I have not had to change the 2011 peak, and this is a good sign, as this may indicate a stable position. ¬†

The short term wave count is still very fuzzy, but hopefully¬†it will alternate from the first “A” bullish wave.¬†

Silver Daily Chart Bear Trap Review




It may seem that silver is bent on making new record lows, but the decline we are in does not behave like an impulse should. The waves overlap in many places,  which indicates a diagonal is in progress, or actually a flat or 3-3-5. The tail 5 waves make for a very nice impulse at this time, plus we are in another H&S position.  

Silver also saw a bottom this morning at about the $16.18 price level, and it will remain to be seen if it holds as well.   

Silver Daily Chart Review




I made this silver daily chart yesterday, so it’s not fresh out of the oven, so to speak. ¬†The overall theme is still the same, even though silver has pushed much lower in recent days. For the last 4 months or so, silver has been in a decline, that I still have to call a correction. ¬†I will try and be more consistent, but a decline in a bigger bullish phase,¬†is just a correction, but a rally that is not in a bullish phase would be a counter rally.

One reason is that the US dollar still has a very big bear market trip ahead of it, as the panic to run from stocks may intensify. 


Silver Intraday Potential Bear Trap Review




The bearish phase that we see in silver looks like another correction that may have a bit left to go, with a little counter rally 4th and 5th wave to play out. ¬†Overall, I’m very bullish, as I believe that this commodity bull run has still lots more upside that it will show us.

Any more downside can be a fast, flash crash like move, and just as  your sell stops get hit, silver will turn and soar north again.  Yes, silver is lagging behind gold, but in the end days of any move, the asset class can make a vertical spike, that may impress us to no end. 

We also have a H&S base which can give us support if the decline has already finished. Any “C” wave bull market can start off¬†very choppy making it very difficult because a bearish rally and the start of a diagonal wave structure, can look very much the same. ¬†This is where we have to let time do its thing, to see if this short term rally, is a fake move.¬†

If the bigger picture is that investors are going to run to gold and silver as a safe place to go to get away from the carnage of the stock market, then eventually¬†we have to come to terms that fearful investors can run back to the stock market at any time as well. ¬†The US dollar also has to¬†give the gold and silver bull market support, and I’m sure it will as¬†the US dollar is running up against resistance all the time.¬†



Silver 2011 2016 Cycle Degree Bear Market Review




Do I dare show a bearish wave count when many are still very bullish? I’m not here to regurgitate all the other bullish jargon, as the pattern can make a big difference in our thinking. If there is any doubt as to a clean bottom around late 2015 and early 2016, then it always needs many second and third looks. Silver started out with a horrible¬†pattern¬†as I complained many times about it. The choppy 2016 rally can fit a “C” wave run with little problem, which produced a 4th wave top in Intermediate degree, at this time. ¬†Any potential expanded bottom will never hold as they always retrace there entire rally. What happens in a bullish phase can happen in a bearish phase, as expanded patterns are part of the EWP landscape. It is up to us to identify them beforehand if we can, but they are hard to catch at times, and even harder to believe when they do happen.¬†

SIL also saw an extreme gold ratio reading this summer, so that also helps to keep the bearish case alive.  I always try to use parallel lines first, as they will work for corrections as well.  I found it silly, shifting and bending all the trend lines which any first year chart reader can see pretty well already, besides trend lines are a subjective look at the markets, as parallel lines are more objective.

With Cycle degree moved to the 2011 peak with gold and silver, this makes our present bear market a Cycle degree 4th wave bear market and at this time it looks like we might get another zigzag, and the “A” wave is still to come. Any high degree “A” wave is a buy signal, but getting in too early can be devastating for those with no idea where we are heading to. ¬†Any problems will come when we get a potential zigzag again, and any downside breakout could be a wild ride. ¬†

Silver Intraday Review: Poor Man’s Gold




This is a rather bearish outlook, but hopefully it will not last. There are just too many overlapping waves to call the silver bull party over and done with. When silver crashed down into the August bottom, the resulting counter rally rally, displayed a 3 wave bullish phase.  This bullish phase still needs to be completely retraced to help confirm any potential triangle that we may be in.

When silver crashed into the first bottom in September, it  formed what looks like an expanded pattern which always get retraced as well.  If and when that happens then we are also faced with several wild looking H&S patterns which can be very bullish in the long run.  

I firmly believe that every young person that has a job or income, should build up some silver bullion inventory, but you should never ever buy when silver is pointing straight up, always buy bullion when the charts are pointing down.

This is what the contrarians do, and buying low allows the cost averaging formula to work. When you buy silver high in an emotional moment, then this kills the mathematical advantage of the cost averaging formula.  

If storing bullion is a concern to then find a reliable bank with a small safety deposit box.

Owning silver or gold, acts like a buffer against the wild inflation moves we see happening all around us.

I was a runner for busy business people that could not get to the bullion dealer, and I built  trust with them.  I would always look up the selling price at Border Gold in White Rock, BC  so they knew the closest buying price, before they gave me any money to pick up and gold or silver.  

Saving electronic money disappears at the click of a mouse or a swipe of your debit card, so E-Money is not stable by any stretch of the imagination.  When you look at the size of an older iPhone, it is about the same size of a 10 ounce silver bar. Ask yourself, how much did the phone cost and how much do you have to sink into a phone per month, just to keep it running? My bet is 10-20 years from now, the silver bar will still be around, and cost extremely little money to hold, while the phone is long gone, and has cost you thousands of dollars just to keep running.   


Silver, Another Intraday Review




I had to change my top wave count to a different peak after I checked it in line mode.  In line mode the August peak was the last record high where the sharp July peak no longer shows up. In the daily chart, it also fits better. I started things out as a diagonal wave count, with the September rally being a three wave bullish phase. 3 wave bull runs get retraced, which silver has not done at this posting.  We could be in a small degree expanded move, where silver can shoot up before it resumes its downward path. 

Silver should eventually break that $18.40 price level by a long shot. A mini H&S is also forming, but it is too small to really help, unless we draw a slight angle bottom line.  The debate will get more intense if silver was in a major fake bull market. Silver is lagging far behind gold, and even further behind  the silver stock ETF, SIL. 

I talked about the gold/sil ratio, in my SIL update today, but it is worth repeating as this reached a high of 25:1 this summer. Not close to the 20:1 extreme expensive ratio, but extreme none the less.  

Silver Intraday Price Pattern Review




I show that I’m working a 5 wave sequence, which I can only count out as a diagonal. With a potential wave 3 top in Minuette degree, followed by a bearish trend that still needs to finish. It may take until the end of the month, but after that we should see one more leg to the upside. ¬†Since the July peak silver has been in a bearish funk for well over 2 months.¬†

We should still have some downside to go as the September peak was a 3 wave pattern. ¬†That 3 wave rally should get completely¬†retraced as all bear rallies eventually do. ¬†Our present rally could be the last “B” wave that I need,¬†followed by ¬†a potential trailing 5 waves. Of course that¬†5 waves down, could end up being very choppy as every zigzag alternates.

If this progresses, be prepared to see a decline that could even push below my trend line. I would have to call the last 2+ months as a flat which would indicate a strong 5th wave.   I have to remain bearish in the short term, until silver crosses the minimum $18.40 price level.