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The British Pound Gets Shredded!




The single little down spike we had in the last few days, is enough to force an entire wave count review, as far as I can go back in chart history. Wild, huge and overlapping waves do not make a good bull market, and the physical size of these waves sure can fit into a Cycle degree triangle. We could be crashing down into an “E” wave in Primary degree after which the GBP could go on rocking bull market, that nobody would be expecting at this time. Looking up or down any idealized wave count, gives wave counters the edge, but if we have no clue how to draw even the basic patterns from memory, the forecasting power of the EWP is moot at best. 

I believe that the US dollar has already begun its Cycle degree trip north and the GBP will follow. This may still take the rest of the year or more, and when we are getting close to the end, the GBP bears will dominate the news headlines. Do not let that fool you when the time does come, as it will be a classic bear trap of humungous proportions.  

Take any Cycle Degree IV wave bottom and we should get five waves up in Primary degree. Of course our visions of 5 waves in Primary degree all differ between analysts. I always use the wave 3 extended version first. Being prepared far ahead of the crowd is what the EWP is all about.  I have to do a bit of hunting for a good idealized triangle chart, but many, if not all of them are online already.  

British Pound, Brexit Crash Bear Trap?




In the last 8 days the GBP has made a rocking recovery and has started to charge up. Now where is the GBP going, if a major bottom has completed? What the decline was is the big question, as that will determine where it can go. I can fit the decline into a single zigzag to the bottom about 8 days ago.  This zigzag has a pretty clean first 5 wave set, but the “C” wave decline is diagonal all the way.  I see these many times, just like this with the Diagoanl5 traveling down the “C” wave. 

Now keep Brexit in mind, how bearish that was for the British Pound. You would figure if everything got worse the GBP will only head down. It would not surprise me to see the exact opposite happen, and that the GBP will rally. Of course the million dollar question, is how high can it go?  If the zigzag scenario is a true pattern, then this would be just like any other “ABC” correction. Technically zigzags should get completely retraced back to, where the zigzag originally started from.

We may get a Diagoanl5 or another zigzag, but they both should clear new record highs just the same.  If I see a potential zigzag, then I have to be bullish, until this GBP clears that mess of sideways waves that started in 2009,  including the peak of July 2014.  Only time and the next move can confirm this zigzag, so it will take some time. Either way the GBP has to keep pushing upward, beyond all expert bearish opinions.  

British Pound GBP, Monthly Chart Review: Is There A Bear Trap Coming Early?




I cannot keep up with the intraday GBP charts as I have too much on my plate as is, but the big picture needs lots of work before I am satisfied with a wave count. Everybody is bearish on the GBP, but the commercial traders are not. This sends me on a review and it would not surprise me, if the GBP did not crash to a major new low, but actually start to rally again.

 After all, the Canadians want to go shopping in the UK.  They will go shopping anywhere they think they can get a better exchange rate. Or that is how the story goes. Many times when we hear people rushing to a country because of a better exchange rate, the targeted currency can stop and then reverses, beyond anything even imagined today. Look how fast the GBP has rallied in the past, so if it happened once before, it can always happen again. 

Right now there is a wicked Head&Shoulder pattern showing, which has very little to do with great looking pure impulse waves. It may sound strange but from my perspective impulse waves are always the perfect 5 waves,  but the diagonal 5,  are definitely not. The diagonal5 is a location indicator,  so I consider them more important than any impulse. 

The GBP has already been in an 8 year bear market, so why should any GBP bear market just get going or keep going?   


The “Big One”, USD, GBP And The Euro Review




This is the GBP which I see as a big triangle in Cycle degree, but what we are seeing is an “E” wave decline in Primary  degree, which contains three moves in intermediate degree.  Chances are good that our present “C” wave decline in the GBP is a diagonal pattern as well, so I will be talking about the diagonal for a long time to come.


My Euro wave count is a work in progress and needs constant reviewing to figure out where we may be in the big picture. I have mentioned it may times with my wave counts that the Euro still has to decline and make new lows, below what looks like a 4th wave decline.  In the aftermath of Brexit, the only thing left for safe-haven may be gold. 




This US dollar is the key to what is going to happen to gold. It may be a safe-haven along with gold as the USD and gold spiked together.  It looks like an inverted zigzag is still to complete, but if this diagonal pattern is real with the US dollar, we should see that 92 price level broken.  The US dollar would have a battle if another huge leg to the upside were to occur, but this Brexit is also a currency battle as all currencies have been affected.

 Again, I would like to see more US dollar bearish evidence as that would support the new gold wave count perfectly.  I show an all time high as a Primary degree 4th wave top, so if this is true, then there may be a very good chance that the US dollar will see a major decline, but with diagonal waves being the dominate pattern.  Five waves down in Intermediate degree would be the technical description.


GBP, British Pound Crash Post Brexit Vote Review



This is the GBP before any Brexit vote and the trend was down already! I’m showing a big Cycle degree triangle  and the last part will be the “E” wave in Primary degree. I consider the “E” wave as one move, with three parts to it. This divides into 5-3-5 patterns. 


A week or so later, after the Brexit vote shock wave has crashed the GBP,  what has changed? Not much, as the trend was confirmed by the news. In the end the GBP is going to end up at the same place. Remember this is just the vote, the real deal is yet to come until the GBP crashes at a potential 4th wave bottom.

After a 4th wave bottom the GBP should go on a massive bull market that will surprise everyone.  We are still a long way from any major bottom so patience is required. 




I thought I would add last nights gold move, as it was a pretty impressive move. I will talk more about gold later as I want to review many more charts today. 

British Pound, GBP Intraday Bullish Peak Review




From the June 15th bottom the GBP has soared, but it also has now come to a screeching halt, and has started to reverse, or it sure looks like a reversal. I don’t like to use the word “reversal’ very much, as it sounds too much like a conventional description and lacks in detail of where a reversal is going to.

Markets always reverse, so what type of reversal is more important to understand. Reversals contain  retracements, and an inverted “ABC” can retrace by 100% or more.   

Todays secondary peak did not head to new highs, but fell well short. This could be the start of an impulse move right back down from where it came from. About halfway back down, we have a huge gap that I am sure will get closed off in due time. With the Brexit hype machine in full swing any gut reaction could happen by the end of this week.